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+surf is highly customizable, with many patches available. This build
+automates some of the customizations, controlled by the following
+environment variables:
+ Patch the source with patches/*.diff. Currently this includes the
+ homepage, searchengines, and startfullscreen patches, which are enabled
+ by default (see patches.txt for details). To build with no patches,
+ use "PATCH=no".
+ surf runs wget in a terminal when downloading files. This must be a
+ terminal emulator that supports the -e (execute command) option. Default
+ is "rxvt". Other candidates: urxvt, xterm, Terminal.
+ The URL to start the browser with, if no argument given on the command
+ line. Default is "". Has no effect if
+ PATCH=no.
+ The default window size for surf to use, when it starts. Default values
+ are WIDTH=800 HEIGHT=600.
+ The version of Slackware you're building for. If not set, the version
+ from /etc/slackware-version will be used. You only need to set this
+ if building on Slackware-current (use SLACKVER=current). This is only
+ used for the searchengines patch, so it does nothing if PATCH=no.
+ If STRICTSSL=yes, refuse untrusted connections (e.g. invalid/unknown
+ certificates). Default is no.
+The values of all these variables are stored within the package, in
+/usr/doc/surf-$VERSION/ You can build surf again with the
+same options by sourcing before running surf.SlackBuild.