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+tnfs-fuse \- trivial network filesystem client
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+.\" comes from the SBo development/docutils package.
+tnfs\-fuse \fBdirectory\fP \fB\-o address=host\fP[:\fIport\fP]
+TNFS is a simplified Internet file transfer protocol, designed for
+simplicity and ease of implementation on small systems, such as 8\-bit
+computers. It\(aqs simpler than NFS, SMB, or FTP. It\(aqs similar to TFTP,
+but has features TFTP lacks.
+\fBtnfs\-fuse\fP is a client for the TNFS protocol.
+Note that \fBtnfs\-fuse\fP uses TCP to communicate with the TNFS server.
+Most TNFS clients are written for smaller systems (e.g. Atari or
+Spectrum 8\-bit computers) and use UDP. This isn\(aqt an actual problem,
+but it\(aqs a factor to take into account when e.g. setting up firewall
+rules to allow TNFS traffic. Also, when troubleshooting a failed
+TNFS connection from an 8\-bit client, just because you can connect
+with \fBtnfs\-fuse\fP using TCP, doesn\(aqt mean the UDP port is open and
+When working with mounted TNFS directories, some error messages will
+be wrong, e.g. instead of "Permission denied", you may get "Bad file
+.INDENT 0.0
+.B \fB\-o address=host\fP[:\fIport\fP]
+The hostname or IP address of the TNFS server to mount. If \fI:port\fP is
+not given, the default TNFS port (16384) is used.
+.B \fB\-o ro\fP
+Mount read\-only.
+\fBtnfs\-fuse\fP supports the full set of \fBfuse\fP options. See
+\fBfuse\fP(8) or \fBtnfs\-fuse \-\-help\fP for the list.
+To mount the TNFS server at \\fP:
+.INDENT 0.0
+.INDENT 3.5
+.ft C
+mkdir fujinet
+tnfs\-fuse fujinet \-o
+.ft P
+Now the contents of the TNFS server are visible under fujinet/ (or
+whatever name you chose). You might also want to add \fB\-o ro\fP to mount
+See the file /usr/doc/tnfs\-fuse\-20130127_fd46ff/COPYING for license information.
+tnfs\-fuse was written by Radu Cristescu.
+This man page written for the project
+by B. Watson, and is licensed under the WTFPL.
+\fBtnfsd\fP(1), \fBfuse\fP(8)
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