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+nxt-python is a python 2.x driver/interface for the Lego Mindstorms NXT robot.
+In order to use nxt-python with an NXT kit, you should add a 'lego' group to your system, and add yourself to that group:
+# groupadd lego
+# usermod -a -G lego YourUserName
+You will also want to set up a udev rule to identify NXT hardware and grant the 'lego' group permission to use it.
+A sample rule is included for you in /usr/share/nxt-python, but you may want to verify the vendor code of the NXT unit.
+To verify the vendor code, connect the NXT hardware to your computer and then run:
+Look at the ID for the Lego device; it will probably be 0694, but if not, then change the value in the sample udev rule to match.
+Save the sample udev rule (70-lego.rules) to /etc/udev/rules.d/
+Log out and log back in, and you should now have full control, via Python, over your NXT hardware.
+Requires at least one of these
+pyusb (for USB communication)
+pybluez (for bluetooth communication)