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+This is the proprietary binary video driver from NVidia for the X.Org
+X-server. This package does not include the kernel-module - it is a
+part of the nvidia-legacy173-kernel package at
+Since this nvidia-driver conflicts with some files of xorg, it's a bit
+complex to install/uninstall the driver. However, installation of the
+nvidia-driver package itself backs up the conflicting files and puts the
+nvidia-specific files into place.
+Heinz Wiesinger, the author of the build script, has written a script called
+nvidia-switch, which can be used to switch between the stock xorg driver and
+the nvidia driver, but it will not edit xorg.conf for you; you have to do
+that manually. The nvidia-switch script is installed to /usr/sbin.
+Usage of nvidia-switch:
+ nvidia-switch --xorg <--> switch to the stock xorg files
+ nvidia-switch --nvidia <--> switch to the proprietary nvidia files
+ nvidia-switch --cleanup <--> switch to the stock xorg file and remove all
+ symlinks created by nvidia-switch
+No special steps are necessary when updating nvidia-legacy173-driver
+from a previous package. If you update to a newer xorg, you do not have
+to reinstall nvidia-legacy173-driver either. Just run
+"nvidia-switch --nvidia" in that case.
+Before uninstalling this package, it is important that you execute
+'nvidia-switch --cleanup', which will switch back to the stock xorg files
+and remove all links created by nvidia-switch before.
+If you forget to do this, you'll have to do the switch manually, or xorg
+won't work on next startup. Here are the affected files:
+ /usr/lib/
+ /usr/include/GL/{gl.h glx.h glxext.h glext.h}
+ /usr/lib/xorg/modules/extensions/{}
+This also requires the nvidia-legacy173-kernel package from