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-Ranger: A keeper, guardian, or soldier who ranges over a region to
-protect the area or enforce the law.
+Ranger (a curses file manager that uses vi/vim bindings)
-This is the filemanager Chuck Norris the Texas Ranger would use if he
-had a computer with a unix-like operating system. (He doesn't trust
-computers though and prefers to do the calculations himself.)
-After all, as a professional ranger, he needs a broad overview of his
-territory, and the multi-column display of ranger provides just that,
-rather than restricting you to the current directory only. You can
+A multi-column display allows viewing in a tree-like manner. You can
preview the content of the selected file or directory, copy or move
files around with the VIM-like commands dd and yy, execute predefined
-applications when opening a file, etc...
+applications when opening a file, etc...
Everything is fully customizable and written in Python (2.6 and 3.1
-compatible) using curses for the text-based user interface.
+compatible) using curses for the text-based user interface.