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+rEFInd (An EFI boot manager utility)
+A graphical boot manager for EFI- and UEFI-based computers, such as all
+Intel-based Macs and recent (most 2011 and later) PCs. rEFInd presents
+a boot menu showing all the EFI boot loaders on the EFI-accessible
+partitions, and optionally BIOS-bootable partitions on Macs.
+EFI-compatible OSes, including Linux, provide boot loaders that rEFInd
+can detect and launch. rEFInd can launch Linux EFI boot loaders such
+as ELILO, GRUB Legacy, GRUB 2, and 3.3.0 and later kernels with EFI
+stub support.
+This script does not build the boot manager from source, in stead it uses
+the pre-build binary then convert to Slackware's.