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rmw: rmw (command line trash can/recycle bin)
-rmw: rmw (ReMove to Waste) functions
-rmw: as a command line recycle bin/trash can utility. Optionally,
-rmw: it can ReMove files to Desktop trash and has been tested
-rmw: on GNOME, KDE, and Xfce. It features quick and easy restoration
-rmw: from the command line, duplication protection, and can purge
-rmw: files after x amount of days.
+rmw: Rmw is a program written in C, designed to help manage your files and
+rmw: prevent accidents at the command line. Rmw can send files to your
+rmw: "Desktop" trash, or a completely separate folder. It can also:
+rmw: restore files; permanently delete files that were rmw'ed more than xx
+rmw: number of days ago; skip files or directories that have a "PROTECT"
+rmw: directive in the configuration file; and append a unique string to
+rmw: the filenames so they won't get overwritten (duplication protection)
rmw: Homepage: