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-Slpkg is a terminal tool , written in Python that allows the
-build, upgrade, remove, find and view Slackware packages contents.
-It's a quick and easy way to manage your packages in slackware
-to a command.
-You also can check if your packages are up to date or show the
+Slpkg is a terminal tool in order to easy use Slackware packages.
+- Download packages from ```` with
+ all dependencies, build and install all in a command
+- Automatic tool build and install packages
+- List all installed packages
+- Ī¤racking dependencies
+- Checking for updated packages
+- Find and Download packages from SBo repositority
+- View README file
+- View SlackBuild file
+- View Info file
+- Auto Download and Build packages
+- Install binary packages
+- Install-upgrade packages with new
+- Reinstall the same packages
+- Remove packages
+- Find installed packages
+- Display the contents of the packages
+- No dependencies