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+A (mostly) Freedesktop compliant rubbish bin interface for the shell written entirely in BASH.
+Trashy is a simple shell script that introduces the idea of a trash
+can for the command line. Meaning that you can issue this command:
+ $ trash foo bar
+and the files 'foo' and 'bar' will be moved to your system trash.
+ $ trash baz\ quux
+and the file 'baz quux' will be moved to your system trash.
+Simple as that. When you're really really sure that everything in
+your Trash wants to be nuked out of existence, then you can
+issue the command:
+ $ trash --empty
+and your system trash will be emptied.
+System Trash
+Trashy defines a "system trash" on Linux, BSD, and Solaris-based
+operating systems in accordance to the Open Desktop standard:
+On systems that do not use a desktop, trashy simply creates a ~/.trash
+folder (unless you sometimes use a desktop, in which case your
+desktop's tash will be continued to be used).
+On systems that do have a desktop but do not follow the Open Desktop
+standard, trashy tries to conform with what they do use. If all else
+fails, ~/.trash is used.