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+config() {
+ NEW="$1"
+ OLD="$(dirname $NEW)/$(basename $NEW .new)"
+ # If there's no config file by that name, mv it over:
+ if [ ! -r $OLD ]; then
+ mv $NEW $OLD
+ elif [ "$(cat $OLD | md5sum)" = "$(cat $NEW | md5sum)" ]; then
+ # toss the redundant copy
+ rm $NEW
+ fi
+ # Otherwise, we leave the .new copy for the admin to consider...
+config etc/usermin/
+config etc/usermin/
+config etc/usermin/
+config etc/usermin/at/
+config etc/usermin/changepass/
+config etc/usermin/chfn/
+config etc/usermin/commands/
+config etc/usermin/cron/
+config etc/usermin/cshrc/
+config etc/usermin/fetchmail/
+config etc/usermin/file/
+config etc/usermin/filter/
+config etc/usermin/forward/
+config etc/usermin/gnupg/
+config etc/usermin/htaccess/
+config etc/usermin/htaccess-htpasswd/
+config etc/usermin/language/
+config etc/usermin/mailbox/
+config etc/usermin/mailcap/
+config etc/usermin/man/
+config etc/usermin/mysql/
+config etc/usermin/plan/
+config etc/usermin/postgresql/
+config etc/usermin/proc/
+config etc/usermin/procmail/
+config etc/usermin/quota/
+config etc/usermin/schedule/
+config etc/usermin/shell/
+config etc/usermin/spam/
+config etc/usermin/ssh/
+config etc/usermin/theme/
+config etc/usermin/telnet/
+config etc/usermin/tunnel/
+config etc/usermin/updown/
+config etc/usermin/usermount/