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-To build wine to run 64bit Windows executable support, use:
+With no options this SlackBuild will build the 32bit wine package,
+for which you need to have multilib installed (see below).
+To build a package for both 64bit and 32bit Windows executable
+support, use:
WIN64=yes ./wine.SlackBuild
+To disable win32 support, use:
+NOWIN32=yes ./wine.SlackBuild
+Or combine them both to build only a 64bit wine package.
To disable OpenGL support, use:
OPENGL=no ./wine.SlackBuild
@@ -28,9 +38,17 @@ webcore-fonts:
-To build on x86_64 you will need to have multilib packages installed,
-unless you want to build for Windows 64 bit applications only (using
+With 64bit support you would use the wine64 binary. If you have a
+combined 32 and 64bit package you need to set the environmental
+variable WINEPREFIX to point to the 64bit wine directory when running
+wine64, which should be different to the 32bit directory (~/.wine by
+default). Example:
+WINEPREFIX=~/.wine64 wine64 notepad
+To build the 32bit wine on x86_64 you will need to have multilib
+packages installed, unless you want to build for Windows 64 bit
+applications only (using WIN64=yes NOWIN32=yes).
AlienBOB's multilib readme and repo: