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+Last modified 20081113 -
+On every system I've tested, the synaptics xorg module requires that
+the psmouse kernel module be loaded without any special options.
+This poses a problem on a default Slackware 12.1 installation, as
+/etc/modprobe.d/psmouse causes the psmouse module to load with the
+imps protocol. This is easily fixed though :-)
+First, edit /etc/modprobe.d/psmouse so that it looks like this (note
+that we're simply commenting out the last line):
+ # PS/2 mouse support:
+ # The default options when the psmouse module is loaded will completely
+ # break the mouse if you change consoles with several models of KVM
+ # switches. Therefore, we'll have it use the imps protocol here, which
+ # is a more basic protocol that is less likely to cause problems with
+ # the mouse. If you'd rather use the kernel default options, just
+ # comment out the line below. If you'd rather choose your own options,
+ # then edit the line below as desired.
+ #options psmouse proto=imps
+Next, unload and reload the psmouse module (do this as root):
+ modprobe -r psmouse
+ modprobe psmouse
+That's it - now just follow the instructions for editing your xorg.conf!