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+This is a driver for the Synaptics TouchPad for XOrg. A Synaptics touchpad
+by default operates in compatibility mode by emulating a standard mouse.
+However, by using a dedicated driver, more advanced features of the touchpad
+becomes available.
+ Movement with adjustable, non-linear acceleration and speed.
+ Button events through short touching of the touchpad.
+ Double-Button events through double short touching of the touchpad.
+ Dragging through short touching and holding down on the touchpad.
+ Middle and right button events on the corners of the touchpad.
+ Vertical scrolling through moving on the right side of the touchpad.
+ The up/down button sends button four/five events.
+ Horizontal scrolling through moving on the lower side of the touchpad.
+ The multi-buttons send button events for scrolling.
+ Adjustable finger detection.
+ Multifinger taps (Not all hardware implements this feature.)
+ Run-time configuration using shared memory.
+This driver requires manual configuration of
+Review the INSTALL file in /usr/doc/xf86-input-synaptics-0.99.1 for details,
+and also see /usr/doc/xf86-input-synaptics-0.99.1/README-SLACKWARE
+for a hint.