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* audio/aacgain: Allow VERSION override, i486=>i586. B. Watson2017-03-251-4/+4
* various: Replace chmod command with find command from template. Heinz Wiesinger2013-11-251-4/+20
* audio/aacgain: Fixed applying of patches. Matteo Bernardini2012-09-291-3/+7
* audio/aacgain: Fixed homepage and download link. Heinz Wiesinger2012-09-021-1/+1
* audio/aacgain: Adapted to upstream tarball change. Heinz Wiesinger2011-06-131-6/+3
* audio/aacgain: Added (Adjust volume gain for mp3/aac) Heinz Wiesinger2010-12-051-0/+164
* audio/aacgain: Removed (build failure) dsomero2010-05-201-85/+0
* audio/aacgain: Updated for version 1.8 Heinz Wiesinger2010-05-131-6/+12
* audio/aacgain: Updated for version 1.8 Heinz Wiesinger2010-05-121-6/+29
* audio/aacgain: Moved from multimedia Heinz Wiesinger2010-05-111-0/+56