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* audio/vamp-plugin-sdk: Updated for version 2.4. Luis Henrique2013-03-223-10/+10
* Add REQUIRED field to .info files. Erik Hanson2012-08-191-0/+1
* Entire Repo: Remove APPROVED field from .info files Robby Workman2012-08-141-1/+0
* audio/vamp-plugin-sdk: Use a profile script to set plugin path. dsomero2011-07-143-12/+15
* audio/vamp-plugin-sdk: Updated to fix plugin path on x86_64. Luis Henrique2011-07-141-1/+6
* audio/vamp-plugin-sdk: Updated for version 2.2.1. Luis Henrique2011-06-135-25/+10
* audio/vamp-plugin-sdk: Added (audio plugin api) Luis Henrique2010-06-296-0/+155