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* sbo/scripts: Email changes Dave Woodfall2020-01-182-2/+2
* network/limnoria: Update to 2019_02_23 Dave Woodfall2019-04-132-7/+7
* network/limnoria: Update to 2018_09_10 David Woodfall2018-11-104-20/+37
* network/limnoria: Updated for version git20160728. David Woodfall2016-07-302-12/+13
* various: Update find command to match template. dsomero2013-11-221-2/+2
* various: Fix SlackBuild formatting and comment nit picks. dsomero2013-11-221-1/+1
* network/limnoria: Added (Python IRC Bot) David Woodfall2013-10-274-0/+123