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* various: Update find command to match template. dsomero2013-11-221-2/+2
* various: Fix SlackBuild formatting and comment nit picks. dsomero2013-11-221-1/+1
* network/mod_chroot: Fixed (Use correct file in config func) dsomero2012-09-301-4/+2
* network/mod_chroot: Install config file to /etc/httpd/extra/ Robby Workman2011-02-281-3/+3
* network/mod_chroot: Misc automated cleanups. David Somero2010-06-041-1/+13
* network/mod_chroot: Updated for version 0.5 Menno E. Duursma2010-05-131-5/+13
* network/mod_chroot: Added to 12.1 repository Menno E. Duursma2010-05-111-0/+69