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* python/python2-sip: Fix download link. Matteo Bernardini2020-09-051-1/+1
* python/python2-sip: Updated for version 4.19.20. Dave Woodfall2020-04-053-11/+10
* sbo/scripts: Email changes Dave Woodfall2020-01-182-3/+3
* python/python2-sip: Update default sip dir. David Woodfall2018-11-101-5/+7
* python/python2-sip: Fix previously auto-renamed files David Woodfall2018-10-061-6/+3
* python/python2-sip: Rename sip module in accordance with newer PyQt5 David Woodfall2018-09-291-2/+2
* python/python2-sip: Added (Tool to generate Python bindings). Dave Woodfall2018-07-144-0/+164