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* system/vtcol: Remove python dependency. Andrew Clemons2020-08-291-1/+1
* system/vtcol: Update homepage. Andrew Clemons2019-07-273-20/+19
* system/vtcol: Update REQUIRES. Andrew Clemons2018-09-082-4/+1
* system/vtcol: Update README. Andrew Clemons2018-03-101-1/+1
* system/vtcol: Fix building on -current. Andrew Clemons2018-03-031-1/+7
* system/vtcol: Updated README. Andrew Clemons2018-01-272-10/+3
* system/vtcol: Silenced deprecation in newer rust versions. Andrew Clemons2017-11-235-56/+79
* system/vtcol: Update dependency. Andrew Clemons2017-08-261-1/+1
* system/vtcol: Updated for version 0.42.2. Andrew Clemons2017-04-017-23/+74
* system/vtcol: Updated for version 0.42.2. Andrew Clemons2017-01-283-10/+7
* system/vtcol: Updated to work in offline mode. Andrew Clemons2017-01-216-15/+40
* system/vtcol: Added (Colour schemes for the Linux console). Andrew Clemons2017-01-116-0/+137