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* network/swaks: Updated for version 20181104.0. Petr Kletecka2018-12-012-7/+11
* misc/portecle: Updated for version 1.11. Petr Kletecka2018-12-012-7/+7
* misc/sgrep: Added (sorted grep). Petr Kletecka2018-05-054-0/+124
* desktop/aero-mouse-theme: Added (Aero cursor theme). Petr Kletecka2018-03-104-0/+83
* network/swaks: Added (Swiss Army Knife for SMTP). Petr Kletecka2017-06-244-0/+77
* misc/portecle: Updated for version 1.10. Petr Kletecka2017-03-252-5/+5
* misc/snow: Added (whitespace steganography). Petr Kletecka2017-03-094-0/+125
* system/unp: Updated for version 2.0~pre7+nmu1. Petr Kletecka2015-11-062-10/+14
* misc/portecle: Updated for version 1.9. Petr Kletecka2015-08-112-8/+8
* academic/jugglinglab: Updated for version 0.6.2. Petr Kletecka2014-08-195-16/+17
* office/vlna: Added (Add nobreak). Petr Kletecka2014-07-174-0/+102
* system/unp: Added (unpack almost everything with one command) Petr Kletecka2013-06-204-0/+77
* system/dtrx: Added (Intelligent archive extraction) Petr Kletecka2013-06-054-0/+87
* office/bookbinder: (Create a bindable book from a PDF file) Petr Kletecka2013-04-268-0/+109
* misc/portecle: Added (Simple interface to a keystore) Petr Kletecka2013-03-226-0/+95
* academic/jugglinglab: Added (create/animate juggling patterns) Petr Kletecka2013-02-226-0/+93