path: root/network/broadcom-sta
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* network/broadcom-sta: Orphaned. Willy Sudiarto Raharjo2020-12-181-2/+2
* network/broadcom-sta: Updated for recent kernels. Andreas Voegele2020-12-062-0/+208
* network/broadcom-sta: Support for Linux 5.6. Andreas Voegele2020-05-162-0/+91
* network/broadcom-sta: Add new patch. Andreas Voegele2019-05-312-2/+21
* network/broadcom-sta: Updated for Linux kernel 4.16. Andreas Voegele2018-05-2614-50/+647
* network/broadcom-sta: Fix for exported ARCH variable. David Spencer2018-01-061-2/+2
* network/broadcom-sta: Support Linux kernel 4.9+. Andreas Voegele2017-05-133-9/+67
* network/broadcom-sta: Fixed downloads. Andreas Voegele2016-12-043-10/+20
* network/broadcom-sta: Remove Andreas Voegele2015-12-062-8/+1
* network/broadcom-sta: Updated for version Andreas Voegele2015-12-038-161/+174
* network/broadcom-sta: Fix .info file. David Spencer2013-11-241-1/+1
* various: Fix slack-desc formatting and comment nit picks. dsomero2013-11-221-5/+5
* network/broadcom-sta: Updated for version Benjamin Trigona-Harany2013-11-184-30/+111
* network/broadcom-sta: Fixed download links. Matteo Bernardini2013-11-101-2/+2
* network/broadcom-sta: Patched to fix build on newer kernels Benjamin Trigona-Harany2012-09-282-1/+24
* Revert "network/broadcom-sta: Removed (won't build on modern kernels)" Robby Workman2012-09-285-0/+110
* network/broadcom-sta: Removed (won't build on modern kernels) Robby Workman2012-09-285-110/+0
* Add REQUIRED field to .info files. Erik Hanson2012-08-191-0/+1
* Entire Repo: Remove APPROVED field from .info files Robby Workman2012-08-141-1/+0
* network/broadcom-sta: Updated for version David Matthew Jerry Koenig2011-11-134-22/+14
* network/broadcom-sta: Fixed build with 2.6.37.x kernels Robby Workman2011-03-202-1/+16
* network/broadcom-sta: Updated for version David Matthew Jerry Koenig2011-01-115-37/+20
* network/broadcom-sta: Updated for version David Matthew Jerry Koenig2010-11-222-15/+11
* Various: Set perms to 0644 on all SlackBuild scripts Robby Workman2010-06-041-0/+0
* Revert network/broadcom-sta removal and fix build Greg' Ar Tourter2010-05-266-0/+124
* network/broadcom-sta: Removed (build failure) dsomero2010-05-205-103/+0
* network/broadcom-sta: Added to 13.0 repository David Matthew Jerry Koenig2010-05-135-0/+103