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+Sun Aug 7 11:56:29 UTC 2016
+academic/fet: Updated DOWNLOAD.
+audio/oss: new maintainer.
+desktop/tint2: Updated for version 0.12.12.
+desktop/xvkbd: Updated for version 3.7.
+development/komodo-edit: Added (Multi-Language Editor).
+development/komodo-ide: Added (Multi-Language IDE).
+development/sqldeveloper: Added (Oracle SQL Developer).
+games/CATSFC-libretro: Removed (replaced by snes9x2005).
+games/antimicro: Fixed tarball handling.
+games/ecwolf: Added (an advanced source port for Wolfenstein 3D).
+games/megaglest: Updated REQUIRES.
+games/nethack: Update MAINTAINER.
+games/pocketsnes-libretro: Removed (replaced by snes9x2002).
+games/snes9x-next: Removed (replaced by snes9x2010).
+games/snes9x2002: Added (ARM optimized port of SNES9x).
+games/snes9x2005: Added (libretro port of SNES9x 1.43).
+games/snes9x2010: Added (Port of Snes9x 1.52+ to Libretro).
+games/vbam: Updated for version r1507 + new maintainer.
+graphics/LDView: Updated for version 4.2.
+libraries/libfaketime: Added (FakeTime Preload Library).
+libraries/netcdf: Enable netcdf-4 support.
+network/dropbox: Updated for version 7.4.30.
+network/modsecurity-apache: Fix tarball handling.
+network/openssh-krb5: Updated for version 7.3p1.
+network/sshguard: Added (SSH brute-force attack protection).
+office/focuswriter: Updated for version 1.5.7 + new maintainer.
+perl/perl-Sidef: Update DOWNLOAD url.
+python/PyGreSQL: Updated for version 5.0
+python/boto3: Fixed DOWNLOAD.
+python/prompt_toolkit: Updated for version 1.0.5.
+system/bareos-client: Fixed tarball handling.
+system/bareos: Fixed tarball handling.
+system/mongodb: Updated for version 3.2.8.
+system/monit: Update script + New Maintainer.
+system/oldschool-pc-fonts: Added (remake of PC text mode fonts).
+system/openrc-services: Updated for version 20160807.
+system/openrc: Updated for version 0.21.3.
+system/qtgzmanager: Updated for version 1.0.3.
+system/rmw: Updated for version 2016.08.06.01a.
Fri 5 Aug 17:17:38 UTC 2016
academic/edsim51di: Moved from development.
academic/fet: Updated for version 5.30.1.